Equity and Excellence in Education

Through strategic and sustainable improvements in practice and systems, all children will grow up attending great schools in strong and inclusive communities that prepare them for success in life.


Our Mission

MAYA works to achieve excellent and equitable schools, school systems, and communities in which all children and families thrive. We are a team of educators who support school districts, nonprofits, and foundations to increase their impact. Our goal is for organizations to reimagine how to use their community’s assets to improve performance, and to close gaps that exist along racial and socioeconomic lines.



We help clients—through strategic planning—to reimagine how to use community assets improve performance and to close racial and socioeconomic gaps



We provide an external voice and resource through project management support



We train and advise partners on two tracks—

1) implementation and sustainability; and 2) diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)


Our Impact

+ 315,000 students impacted

+ $31 million secured

+ 50 years experience


Our Work

We provide strategic planning, project management, advising, and diversity, equity, and inclusion support in the education sector to help school district, civic, policy, philanthropic, and other nonprofit leaders amplify their impact.


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