Equity and Excellence in Education

All children grow up attending great schools in strong and inclusive communities that prepare them for success in life. MAYA provides a range of services in the education sector that help school district, civic, policy, philanthropic, and other nonprofit leaders amplify their impact.



MAYA works to achieve excellent and equitable schools, school systems, and communities in which all children and families thrive. To do this, we support education stakeholders to make strategic and sustainable improvements in practice and systems that create better opportunities and results for children and families.



MAYA’s priorities are to improve, scale, and sustain strategies and organizations that provide young children with a great early education; support excellent and equitable public schools; prepare youth for success in college, career, and life; and build strong communities.


Developing the Austin community’s first intentional strategy to improve the direct-to-college enrollment rates of 9,000 young men of color in Austin-area high schools with Greater Austin Area My Brother’s Keeper

Recruiting up to 20 new Teach for America alumni to teach in Austin public schools, impacting more than 2,000 students

Creating new partnerships between school districts and early childhood organizations across Texas to improve Kindergarten readiness and 3rd grade reading using SB 1882 (Texas Partnerships

Launch Collegiate Edu-Nation, a new effort to scale the Roscoe Collegiate prekindergarten-through-college system in which 90% of high school graduates earn associates degrees and 97% are college and career ready 



Our support is tailored to each client and typically includes five steps:

  1. Learning about the organizations we serve by listening carefully, reviewing qualitative and quantitative data, and understanding the unique assets and challenge of the community.

  2. Refining the client’s approach by making adjustments to practices and systems that will accelerate progress towards achieving goals.

  3. Distilling and documenting the most promising practices and systems with the greatest impact for students and families.   

  4. Scaling the most advanced yet acceptable (MAYA) practices and systems so they are accessible to more communities.

  5. Sustaining the approach to be implemented efficiently and effectively long into the future.



To achieve our vision and mission, we approach this work with a strong sense of humility and an awareness that structural systems of oppression are most often the root cause of education and social inequity. Therefore, with our team and clients, we seek to reflect on our privilege and biases; consistently engage diverse voices and perspectives in all forms; and strive to incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the work.  



SCHOOL DISTRICT AND NON-profit strategic planning

fundraising and board development

policy design





This is the most effective way to move forward - utilizing the differences we have towards a common goal

-Dr. Richard Reddick in Gallery Walk, Maya’s twice-a-month newsletter