The MAYA name is inspired by the industrial design principle—Most Advanced Yet Acceptable. Similar to the zone of proximal development, MAYA is designer Raymond Loewy’s approach to giving his clients the most advanced design that they will embrace. Maya also is Larkin’s eldest daughter, who is hard-working, generous, and kind, all traits that the MAYA team works to emulate.

Strategic Planning | Project Management | Diversity, Equity, Inclusion



MAYA supports client strategic planning to reimagine how to use community assets to improve performance and to close racial and socioeconomic gaps. This includes creating an action plan to achieve goals.


MAYA adds an external voice and resource to project management services. This not only helps organizations execute new priorities, but also to build tools and systems for implementation.


MAYA is a training and advisory partner on two tracks--1) implementation and sustainability; and 2) diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We provide long-term advisory services to guide organizations to achieving sustained results. MAYA also recognizes that structural systems of oppression are most often the root cause of education and social inequity, and supports organizations to develop a DEI vision and implementation plan.